Type approval in Rwanda: restrictions on international applicants .

News from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) revealed that the regulator has taken steps meant for international type approval applicants. In fact, foreign companies which used to submit their type approval application to the RURA will not be able to do it again. However, this decision with immediate effect does not include international applicants who have delivery commitments to the local market (Rwanda) for supplies requiring type approval. These applicants shall provide evidence to the authority on their effective commitments.

This measure is very advantageous for local companies and is in line with the dynamics initiated by the regulator. As a matter of fact, since last year, type approval activities have regularly been subject of innovations. First were introduced online applications that replaced physical submission of applications. This system is now up and running. Then some restrictions targeted the type approval of modules. According to the latest news, the regulator does not intend to stop all these innovations. Other measures will soon be announced and this provision about international applicants supports these initiatives.

Apart from the specific case of Rwanda, there are indications that more and more countries will take the same steps. The RURA has not explained the reasons for this decision yet. Nevertheless, we can guess that the decision has been made in order to monitor applicants and their activities while protecting local companies that will increasingly be committed to the State and to the people. In this context, our local firm in Rwanda is ready to meet your various concerns in order to provide all the assistance you deserve rwanda@consultit-now.com

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