The reality of the sample in Guinea and Kenya

The sample is an essential element in the type-approval process in Guinea and Kenya. Unlike Guinea where the presence of a sample is compulsory for the Type Approval of any equipment, in Kenya it rather depends the equipment to be type-approved.

The presence of a sample is required for the Type Approval of equipment in Africa. Some regulatory agencies prefer referring to test reports performed on the equipment in question to guarantee its reliability. Where as others, in addition to the test reports, prefer having a sample of the equipment to be type-approved.
In Guinea, the regulatory authority of the post and telecommunications l’Autorité de Régulation des Postes et Télécommunications (ARPT) requires the presence of a sample before the Type Approval of any equipment. Once the tests are performed, the agency sends the sample back to the applicant, followed by a restitution letter. The agency does not require the provision of a sample for heavy pieces of equipment because of their weight and the difficulty involved in transporting them. It therefore resorts to test reports for this type of equipment. However, the agency requires the presence of samples for all small pieces of equipment. In any case, the agency always informs the applicant about the state of the sample. In Guinea, we obtain Type Approval certificates within a period of 2 months. As far as the renewal of the certificate is concerned, the agency does not require the presence of a sample. It refers to technical documents.
In Kenya, the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) requires the presence of a sample, only for the Type Approval of tablets, smartphones and computers. Nevertheless, the agency indicates that it does not send the samples back to the applicant even after performing the tests. For the practice of Type Approval , the CAK carries out the technical evaluation of the equipment through the analysis of documents and, when appropriate, through laboratory tests of the samples of equipment and in compliance with the approval and acceptance procedures of communication equipment in Kenya. The presented samples of the equipment should be
• In a good operational order
• Properly configured for tests and completed with the necessary test adapters
• Clearly marked with the trade name, model and serial number
Stakeholders intervening in Guinea and Kenya are invited to comply with the requirements of the regulatory agency as far as sampling is concerned.
This fact will facilitate the approval process in order to obtain their certificates as soon as possible.

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