The CRAN, the true player in type approval activities in Namibia

Dense and intense approval activities are being led by the Namibia’s regulatory authority. Consult IT is then easily leading its telecoms consulting activities thanks to its excellent cooperation with the Namibian regulator.  

The CRAN is the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia. It was established in terms of the Communication Act of 2009. It is mandated to promote and regulate telecommunication services and networks and broadcasting services. The regulatory authority has many objectives to achieve. Some of them are mentioned in Article 2 (Chapter I) and they are:

  • to establish the general framework governing the opening of the telecommunication sector in Namibia to competition;
  • to promote the availability of a wide range of high quality, reliable and efficient telecommunications services to all users in the country
  • to increase access to telecommunications and advanced information services to all regions of Namibia at just, reasonable and affordable prices;
  • to ensure that the costs to customers for telecommunications services are just, reasonable and affordable
  • to encourage private investment in the telecommunications sector;
  • to ensure fair competition and consumer protection in the telecommunications sector;

Since its creation, the CRAN is involved in the dynamic development of ICT. The regulator has issued 14 telecommunications services licenses, providing a wide range of services throughout Namibia. It has already type approved more than 1000 pieces of equipment. The CRAN owes its performances to the possibilities set out by the law, mainly article 5 (Chapter V). This article gives the regulator the freedom to regulate the telecommunications sector and everything related to it. according to Article 37 (paragraph 5), the authority is responsible for prescribing rules to which all stakeholders in ICT in Namibia must submit themselves.

Consult IT! has been leading its consulting activities in Namibia for 9 years now. over these 9 years of experience, our company has submitted 500 pieces of equipment to type approval.  This number was reached partly because of our mastery of the Namibian telecoms market. In relation with our local team, we have reliable information that helps us anticipate the concerns of our partners. This fact gives us the flexibility to provide concrete responses to their needs. The CRAN went through a restricting period that lasted for 2 years. During that period, the regulator suspended all the activities linked to type approval and made sure to draw up a guideline in January 2015 concerning the practice of type approval. The development of this guideline outlined the ridges for the type approval of ICT equipment. After this restructuring period, the regulator also updated the way in which it works. In fact, the time for processing applications has been reduced to two weeks. It isalso within this time limit that Consult IT works with the CRAN since then.

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