The basic tips for the licensing process in Cameroon


In Cameroon, ART requires a sample before licensing. For renewal of certificates, the Agency requires a sample as well.
The licensing practice in Cameroon is subject to Decree No. 00000008 / MPT of July 16 ,2001. Though the Decree is old for several years, it is still in force. The abovementioned Decree does not mention the exemption of approval for small or large equipment. However, the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) often gives our company the opportunity to submit projects without samples.
It also has to be understood that any approved terminal equipment having undergone any software changes after approval, or having changed names or technical specifications has to be approved again with a new approval certificate issued. For a certificate of approval to be renewed in Cameroon, the Agency always requires a sample, as for them, any renewal amounts to a new application for approval. Let’s recall that in Cameroon, the approval certificate is valid for 5 years. As for the sticker, it has no more been required by the Agency for equipment approval for more than two years.
For ART to offer the best service to its partners, they have begun to visit other African Regulatory Agencies. During those visits, the Agency has been enriched by the best approval practices in Africa. It’s of no doubts that in the months to come, the Agency will take new measures for a better regulation of the telecommunications sector, and more precisely, that of certification.

The deadline for obtaining the Approval Certificates from ART is still 3 months.

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