The ARCEP and the practice of Approval Type in Chad


Complying with deadlines, caring for projects entry and guaranteeing results have been the services provided by Consult IT to its customers for 9 years in Chad

In accordance with the existing regulations in Chad, telecommunications equipment is licensed prior to displaying a sample by the time of application. In the past, the agency would give the opportunity to our company to submit projects for licensing without samples. But Since December 2017, the agency has scrupulously complied with the existing regulation pertaining to samples handing over. From now on, any application for licensing has to be done together with a sample of the relevant equipment; otherwise, the agency does not approve the application. The samples handed over to the agency are returned to the applicant once the tests have been completed.
All the samples from our probate customers have so far been returned in good condition since we have been working with the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et de la Poste. The duration for withdrawing the licenses is scheduled for a month upon provision of the overall paperwork by the customer. Besides, the agency requires a sample for the renewal of the Import License. However, the use of the sticker is not yet in force in Chad even though the regulations provide for that.
It is to be mentioned that the agency also provides licenses for medical equipment. To do this, the agency requires complete technical documents with a sample of the equipment to be approved. In 2017, our company, Consult IT submitted 30 projects for which licenses were provided.


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