The 5 GHZ band in Uganda

The 5350-5150 MHz, 5725-5470 MHz and 5825-5725 MHz bands are subject to regulation issued by the Ugandan Communication Commission (UCC). Non-compliance with this regulation is punished by the Regulatory Authority which monitors the conditions for using the spectrum.

The use of wireless equipment for the 5150- 5350 MHz, 5470-5725 MHz and 5725-5825 MHz bands for wireless access systems, including wireless local area networks (WAS / RLAN) is primarily used for high-speed multi-point digital wireless services. The UCC will issue an installation permit for any wireless equipment that will be used with those bands. Concerning the external use of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless access systems, UCC will also require the use of such equipment to be registered and authorized for the purpose of protecting sensitive historical services or national assets and / or just in case of potential coordination problems. In this case, the license details will include the type of equipment, power, frequency, and location. The purpose of the Regulatory Authority is to protect existing radio services in those bands, protect the use of spectrum for the available WAS / RLAN devices in the 5150- 5350MHz and 5470-5725 MHz bands. Moreover, the power levels and the operating conditions of those devices are as follows:

• 5150-5250: Maximum mean EIRP = 200mW, Maximum EIRP spectral density of 10 mW in any 1 MHz
• 5250-5350: Maximum mean EIRP = 200mW EIRP, Maximum EIRP spectral density of 10 mW in any 1 MHz
• 5470- 5725: Maximum EIRP = 1 W, Maximum transmitter power = 250mW, Maximum mean EIRP spectral density of 50mW in any 1 MHz.
The users of the abovementioned devices must therefore comply with the prescribed guidelines, otherwise necessary regulatory measures will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the Ugandan Communications Act.

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