802.11 p is an improved version of the standard IEEE 802.11 WLAN used to install wifi in the sphere of vehicles. This is both an improved communication system in vehicles and optimization of vehicular safety. In addition, it provides good traffic management. Given its performance, it serves as a reference as a basis for the ITS-G5 standard to support the GeoNetworking protocol for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications in Europe. As characteristics, 802.11p technology transmits in the 5.9 GHz frequency band (5.850-5.925 GHz) and defines seven 10 MHz channels for communication. Thus, the technical specifications are as follows:

  • Standard / Committee: CEN / ETSI EN302 663
  • Frequency range:5855 – 5925 MHz
  • of Channels: Seven 10 MHz channels
  • modulation: OFDM

Finally, note that this technology already present on the globe begins to settle on African markets. Therefore, given its current boom in telecommunications, our team is ready to assist you in the approval of this equipment integrating wireless technology in Africa. Contact us

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