SOUTH AFRICA : ICASA is strenghtening market surveillance

Obtaining certificates of approval is compulsory in the South Africa. As a result, the equipment which does not comply with certification standards will be confiscated and discarded.

September 18, 2018 is the deadline for ICASA to dispose of unapproved equipment confiscated. Indeed, the Regulatory Authority announced last August 28 in the newspaper « GAZETTE » that from September 18, 2018 they will proceed to the destruction of equipment confiscated since the 2000s until today.
As a reminder, the mission of the Regulatory Authority is to ensure that telecommunications equipment complies with the country s regulation. Thus, between the years 2000 and 2018, there had been a huge number of equipment that were confiscated in the regional offices of the Regulatory Authority. These remedial actions of ICASA have made it possible to get the awareness of the stakeholders operating in the abovementioned field of activity about approving their telecommunications equipment. Today, in view of this market surveillance policy, CONSULT IT is helping all operators by making it easier for them to obtain approval certificates in South Africa.
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