Somalia is embarking on a process of establishing a regulatory authority

Thanks to the new Law passed on telecommunications since October 2017 ,3 Somalia has taken steps for establishing an agency for the regulation of telecommunications.

Somalia is actively establishing a regulatory authority for the telecommunications sector. Indeed, this new Law on telecommunications approved by the Ministry Council, the National Assembly and the Senate last August has come into force. It was promulgated on October 2017 ,2 by the President of Republic. This Law fosters the creation of a regulatory agency. The agency will be headed by Abdy Sheik Ahmed, appointed as the ICT and Telecom Market supervisor. The Agency will help organize the telecommunications sector, namely at the level of mobile telephony where the lack of clear regulations has resulted in poor quality of services provided. This new Law that targets all the telecommunications markets, the Somalia Government is now taking full control over the sector.

Thanks to the new Agency, the investors are now able to enter the Somalia market with the certainty of being in a regulated environment. Thus, most of them will be able to head to this country which is now full of real opportunities in this field. According to a study conducted by the World Bank, the telecommunication sector will contribute to %11 of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if it is well regulated. By striving to set up such a regulatory agency, Somalia will be able to offer an attractive market to all of those who are willing to invest in the country, especially for manufacturers and equipment suppliers.
We are going to pay a close attention to the unfolding of this information and we will provide you with more details pertaining to the power of this new Agency in our next bulletins.

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