NATCOM just released the final draft for the approval of EEC

National Telecommunications Commission has recently published a new draft which aims to ensure among other good management of frequency spectrum, explaining the approval procedure for electronic communications equipment etc….

  • In this draft, the regulator returns to the technical specifications to be met. The test reports must be issued by accredited laboratories recognized by NATCOM. The report must show that the equipment is in compliance with the technical standards.
  • The approval application must be accompanied by documentation including
  • Product specification
  • schematic diagram
  • Declaration of conformity by manufacturers
  • Lab test reports
  • Previous regulatory approval (For type acceptance Only)
  • Installation/Operating Manuals (Specific types- optional) etc.…
  • sample : Sample is required in some case

At the same time, the regulator has published the list of prohibited equipment in Sierra Leone

 1. Radio Frequency Spectrum Scanning Receivers

2. Military Communication Equipment

 3. Telephone Voice Changing Equipment

4. Automatic Call Diverters etc.

List of some standards recognized by NATCOM

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