Senegal: Digital technology as a major path

Senegal is establishing favorable conditions for the ICT sector

Senegal is willing to be a model in information technology and communication. After having expressed their willingness to have a regulatory framework of IOTs in the country through the Regulatory
Authority for Telecommunications and Posts (ARTP) in November 2018, the country is laying emphasis on its policy for a better ICT sector. Indeed, they are planning with China in the digital field. The information has been unveiled on January 6 during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister WANG
YI to Dakar as part of an African tour. Senegal is planning to make the ICT sector a real driver of economic growth in the years to come. It should be noted that this collaboration is part of Senegal s 2025 Digital Agenda. This new dynamism will also give a new face to the ICT sector and services
deployed in telecommunications. Being so, CONSULT IT has been working for several years in Senegal for ICT-related equipment to be approved. To help you obtain telecommunications equipment approval certificates, please contact our marketing department at

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