Recall that the regulator had launched in 2019 a public consultation to this effect. The new regulation are not yet implemented but they are approved. The effective date will be communicated soon.

Local Applicant:

The local representative may be:
– Registered Local or international manufacturers;
– authorized importers and Distributors;
– Licensed operators;
– individuals or companies who wish to import ECE for their own use; and
– Authorized registered representatives or agents of any of those parties may also request Type Approval

Our local agent is a local authorized registered Representative for type Approval to RURA.

There are a few important points to note: two application regimes, namely simplified type approval regime and standard type approval regime. Simplified process is not yet implemented as RURA does not have any mutual recognition agreement with any country so far.


One normal sample will be required regardless of the type approval regime.
Waiver of the sample can be requested due to nature or size of the sample.
The sample will not be returned.
However, the applicant may request the waiver of the sample due to nature or size of the sample.

Processing time

The processing period of an application for Type Approval under the standard Type Approval regime is ten (10) working days effective from the date on which the complete application package has been submitted to the Regulatory Authority. The Type Approval for any particular ECE is granted with an unlimited period of time: same as previously.

Approval fees

This has been updated. And The amount of fee for Type Approval may be reviewed from time to time by RURA

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