Open access to the 868‐870 MHz frequency range in Côte d’Ivoire


After completing the necessary studies few weeks ago, the regulator in Côte d’Ivoire informed the different stakeholders that the access to the 868-870 MHz frequency range is open in the country.

After conducting the necessary studies, the Regulatory Board issued the decision n° 2017-0360 dated October 26 ,2017. According to this decision, the 868-870 MHz frequency range is freely accessible for devices, networks and services of the internet of things throughout the national territory. An open access frequency range is defined as any radio frequency band whose operation does not require any assignment. However, the operation of that frequency range must be done in compliance with the conditions set by the Ivorian telecommunications and ICT regulatory authority (Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d’Ivoire, ARTCI). The 863.5-869.4 MHz sub-band is a guard band between the 800 MHz / 900 MHz band. To comply with that indication, the ARTCI submitted a draft decision to the regulatory board in order to define the conditions of use of the 870-868 MHz sub-band dedicated to the internet of things. Initially, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) primarily allocated the 868-870 MHz band to fixed and mobile services except aeronautics and broadcasting. The ARTCI urges people wishing to use the frequency band for the type approval of equipment to do it while complying with the regulation in force.
The internet of things is an extension of the internet to objects and places of the physical world. It serves a universal purpose and indicates connected objects that have different uses in domains like the e-health, domotics and quantified. Connected objects facilitate the exchange of information and data from devices of the real world through the internet network. The conditions of use of the 870-868 MHz frequency range is subject to compliance with legal requirements applicable to the authorization for establishing and operating ICT/telecommunications or radio communication services networks and devices. These conditions are defined as follows:
• 25 mW EIRP for network terminals of the internet of things (connected objects)
• 500 mW EIRP for base stations for networks of the internet of things
Following the terms of this decision, the ARTCI states that there will be no guarantee of protection for networks or pieces of equipment operating in the 868-870 MHz frequency range.
They shall not cause harmful interference to any radio communication service.

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