Regulation Communications Act, 2009, reviewed by the regulator

The Namibian telecommunications regulator CRAN (Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia) recently announced changes of type approval applications in the country. It is an amendment of regulation in respect of type approval and technical standards for telecommunications equipment. Being so, for a new type approval application, a direct letter of authorisation is needed from the manufacturer. Also, for renewal the business license of the certificate holder is required. Moreover, the regulator has also added a new list of equipment exempt of approval including:
• Receiver-Only

• SRD Wi-Fi only

• IT Networking Equipment (with LAN Card / Adapter)

• NFC tag / card readers

• Toys with BT (<10mW)

• Medical Implants

• Passive Antennas

• GPS Receivers

• Wireless load (110 kHz – 205 kHz)

• Tablets No GSM modules

• RFID readers Scanners Metal detectors (406 – 402 MHz).
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