Madagascar : The country focuses on market surveillance


The Malagasy government has issued a Decree to regulate the telecommunications sector. Mobile telephony, radio broadcasting stations and use of VSAT frequency are subject to this new regulation.
The Decree specifies the restrictive measures pertaining to mobile phones terminals counterfeit, stolen or not in compliance with international standards. The measures mentioned in the Decree refer to non-standard mobile devices, that is to say, without an IMEI code to track their authenticity. Thus, any mobile telephone terminal including GSM, UMTS or LTE type has to be identified and identifiable by a unique non-modifiable number called international Mobile Equipment Identity (IEMI).
Article 4 of the relevant Decree states the following: «Any mobile phone terminal without a valid IMEI number shall no longer be introduced into the territory of the Republic of Madagascar as from January 1 ,2018. No import authorization relating thereto shall be issued by the Regulatory Authority for Communication Technologies (ARTEC), which is the only body that is authorized to issue such authorization from the abovementioned date. In addition, as of June 30 ,2019 any terminal whose IEMI is not registered nor listed, shall not be used, marketed or disposed, whether or not in return for payment, and shall not be connected to the telecommunications network of mobile telephone companies.
With regard to the use of the unlicensed VSAT Satellite network, prohibited by law since October 2014, no difference shall be made between a public and private body. Any fraudulent use shall be punished.
By doing so, the country will be able to rid its market from fraudulous companies and allow those who are in good standing with the law to operate with complete peace of mind.

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