Labelling, as a guarantee of the quality of telecommunications equipment in Morocco

Affixing labels on type-approved equipment in Morocco is provided by the regulation in force. This measure has a mandatory nature and non-compliance with it shall be subject to penalties.

Labels play a very important role in the Type Approval process of telecommunications equipment. In fact, the legislation regulating the telecommunications sector requires it. Article 12 of the decision
ANRT/DG/N°12/04 of 29 December 2004 states that “all imported and approved terminal equipment or radio installations, prior to their commercialisation, shall be subject to the affixation of an irremovable label.” The label shall bear the following information: number and date of approval. The dimension of the label is adapted to the size of the equipment. If the piece of equipment is too small to have a label, the latter is affixed on the outer packaging and inserted as a sticker in the instruction manual. In case the Equipment has a suitable size, puting label on it will then be necessary. Any equipment on the Moroccan market that has not been marked is considered as an unapproved equipment.
In this case and in line with the law n°24-96 on the post and telecommunications, a fine of 3,000 to 50,000 dirhams per piece of equipment is imposed on anyone manufacturing for the domestic market, importing or holding for sale, distributing against payment or free of charge or putting on sale or having sold terminal equipment as well as their connection to a public telecommunications network in breach or in the absence of a prior approval (article 81). In addition to this pecuniary fine, there are also administrative penalties mentioned in the article 86 of the law n°24-96 on post and telecommunications:
Seizure or destruction of materials and installations constituting the telecommunications network or allowing the provision of the telecommunications service
Prohibition from carrying out, for a period of one to five years, any activity in connection with the telecommunications sector. In case of a second offence, the penalties prescribed are doubled. The presence of a sample is not required for the type-approval of telecommunications equipment. In Morocco, Consult IT! can obtain certificates within 15 days. Over the last three months, we obtained 15 certificates for the 15 projects we had submitted to the ANRT.

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