High speed internet access coming soon to Mali


Mobile phone companies in Mali will provide internet users with high speed internet connection. Indeed, the government has started discussions with the relevant providers in this regard. 

Through its desire to grant neutral telecommunications licenses, the government of Mali shows how eager they are to fully bring the country into the era of very high speed internet connection on mobile phones. Beyond simplifying the licensing process and management, granting technologically
neutral licenses will unlock technological innovation and give the providers the opportunity to adapt to new technologies as soon as they become available worldwide, and thus have the chance of being the first to use them as was the case with 4G on the African continent.

By offering the providers the opportunity to benefit from neutral licenses, Mali is seeing good prospects. In fact, to take better advantage of those technologies, the country will need more equipment, in particular mobile phones designed to be used in 4G or 5G. It is obvious that such progress will give the opportunity to equipment manufacturers and suppliers to rush to the Malian market for them to provide for quality equipment that meets the prescribed standards. This will therefore bring a new dynamic to mobile telephony and help meet the needs and expectations of consumers in terms of advanced technology.

However, it is to be noted that all telecommunications equipment exported to the territory of Mali has to be approved by ARMPT, which issues a certificate of approval prior to importation for the equipment to be approved for sale. By abiding by the existing regulations in Mali, the investors will have access to Mali with complete peace of mind.

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