NFAT, National Frequency Allocation Table is for wireless communications services
The National Communications Authority (NCA) recently published the National Frequency Table for Internet Communications Services in Ghana. This table is an important tool because it provides information on the use of the different frequency bands as explained by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). The aim of NFAT is to facilitate efficient management of the radio spectrum by ensuring its availability for new technologies and services. It has been designed to meet several criteria pertaining to telecommunications standards including the following

• International Radiocommunication regulations
• Future requests from different categories of users
• International and regional agreements
In addition, this table may be modified following the decisions made by the regulator or by ITU provisions under the international radio communications regulation. However, NFAT does not authorize any use of radio equipment in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 769 of 2008 on the territory of Ghana, without prior approval.
As a reminder, NFAT does not change the existing provisions for the equipment approval procedure in Ghana; however, for a better handling of your approval applications, we remain available at



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