GHANA : A workshop to sensitise stakeholders on type approval

The National Communications Authority (NCA) held a workshop to sensitize stakeholders on the need to type approve electronic communication equipment. The regulators invite different players in the sector to comply with the rules in force.


The objective of the workshop organized by the NCA was to raise stakeholders’ awareness about the systematic type approval of electronic communication equipment imported into the country. Participants to the workshop were informed about Electronic Communications Equipment (ECE).

The Deputy Director General of Technical Operations, Mr. Henry Kanor indicated that ‘’standards was essential for local and international communications, global trade and emerging markets. The Authority had introduced the Type Approval Regime to ensure that all ECE used in Ghana meet specific technical and regulatory requirements. The regime has been designed to facilitate easy access to the Ghanaian market, introduce a variety of safe equipment for the consumer and most importantly to maintain consumer rights hence the need for standardization’’. The pieces of equipment discussed during the workshop were Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, Routers, Switches, Hands-free devices, Radios, Television sets and set-top boxes.
In the Type Approval guidelines on Electronic Communications Equipment published in 2015 by the regulator, rule 13 states that the Type Approval for any particular ECE is granted with an unlimited period of time provided no modifications have been made to the approved ECE. And pursuant to Section 66(3) of the EC Act 775, all Type Approved Terminal Equipment shall bear a legible label permanently affixed to such equipment, bearing the mark NCA Approve. Rule 6 of The Type Approval guidelines addresses the general conditions and essential requirements for the construction of ECE. Rule 6 lists many issues related to the type approval of these pieces of equipment. The Authority
shall perform regular market surveillance activities. One year ago, a note from the NCA revealed the seizure of several pieces of counterfeit equipment.
The NCA regularly writes to local companies marketing electronic communication equipment. It invites them to comply with the regulation in force. The telecommunications market surveillance performed by the regulator has increased. Many unapproved pieces of equipment have been blocked by Ghanaian customs. This situation brings about a delay in the sales program of the different manufacturers of equipment.


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