Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) in accordance with the government s policy and in compliance with the regulation has just updated its national frequency table. This new update, made last December, aims to meet the requirements of international standards, to promote the development of new radio-communication services and to set up new frequency bands. The production of this frequency table is based on the main lines mentioned at the World Radio-communication Conference held in Geneva in 2012. Indeed, radio-communications services, while being set up, have to be accessible to the general public and meet regulatory standards. However, it should be noted that the development of this national frequency table does not prevent the approval process; it is essential to obtain the type approval of all technologies that will be deployed via the allocated frequency bands. Invitation is given to manufacturers and importers of international telecommunications equipment to deploy their equipment for the use of the new frequency bands in the country. Given PURA s policy to expand frequency bands and authorize new technologies in Gambia, CONSULT IT provides its expertise for approving the equipment to be deployed there.
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