A complete restructuring of the telecom market in Ethiopia was approved by the Extraordinary Council of Ministers.

Having a telecommunications sector that complies with the regulation is a challenge the Ethiopian Government wants to cope with. At the end of its extraordinary session on February 4 ,2019, the Government decided to set up a new telecommunications regulatory authority. Indeed, the birth of the Ethiopian Communication Authority (ECA) will make it possible to better harmonize the telecom market in Ethiopia by adapting to the measures prescribed in the regulatory documents. In addition, its mission is as follows:
• Implement policies pertaining to communications services
• Regulate tariffs for communications services
• Supervise the activities of the sector etc.…
This project of the Government will improve the activities in the telecommunications and postal sector. As reminder, the birth of ECA does not have any impact about approval fees, thus we need a local representative. It should be recalled that in Ethiopia the certification of telecom equipment is mandatory, especially with the advent of such authority, importers, vendors and telecommunications companies have to have equipment that complies with the regulatory provisions. For assistance in obtaining approval for telecommunications equipment in Ethiopia, please contact us at:


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