The members of Parliament were seriously trained on Tuesday, April 29 at the (Palais de la démocracie) Palace of Democracy.

Chad is ranked among the countries where ICTs are not fully developed yet. To remedy this situation, the country’s telecommunications regulator, ARCEP (Autorité des Régulations Electroniques et des Postes) in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT, exchanged views with the National Assembly.  Through this action, ARCEP intends to position Chad as a reference nation in the field of ICT.  Indeed, the MPs discussed draft laws to be adopted in the future to boost the development of the telecommunications sector.

Within two years, the Ministry plans to transform the sector, said Dr. Idriss Saleh Bachar, Minister of Posts. It should be noted that Chad is currently ranked 174th out of 175 countries in terms of ICT.  In his speech, the President of the parliamentary institution, the Honorable Dr. Haroun Kabadi, welcomed the regulator’s initiative before pointing out that his institution will work in a way that will position Chad among the countries developed in ICT. In addition, our marketing department remains open for any questions regarding the approval of your telecommunications equipment.  For any inquiries, we are available at

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