TANZANIA : The auctioning off of the 700 MHz band

700 MHz frequency range which was previously being used for analog Television Broadcasting, has now been released and is now available to
be assigned for mobile broadband services. That frequency range will be auctioned.


The efficient management of rare resources compels different regulatory agencies to use strategies for the allocation of spectrum. The Tanzania
Communications Regulation Authority (TCRA) has then decided to auction the 700 MHz frequency range. The spectrum to be assigned represents 2
x 30 MHz of Frequency Division Duplex (FDD). The 700 MHz frequency range to be auctioned will now be allocated to mobile broadband services.
Through the readjustment of its national frequency plan, the TCRA intends to optimize the use of rare resources. Below is the programming schedule
of the auction:


An auction is a technique aiming at opposing several people yearning for the same thing. In the present case, the auction is about opposing different operators wishing to acquire the same frequency band. This technique is used according to the market demands. There are different types of
spectrum auction. The most popular are:
• Simple auctions
• Multiple-round auctions

The auction organized for the allocation of spectrum calls for strict criteria on the technical, financial and commercial level in order to
determine the eligibility of bidders. In fact, some bidders might be unable to finance their bids. Others might not have the technical means
or the intention to operate telecommunications services with the frequencies. To avoid such a situation, the TCRA made sure to well organize
this auction in order to better cope with the different requirements.

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