Capacity – building : Consult IT paid a visit to the Niger regulatory agency ARTP

As Consult IT! has been informed about the resumption of type approval activities in Niger, the company has decided to inquire about the new provisions taken by the regulator as far as Type Approval is concerned. Consult IT! has then decided to send a delegation to the regulatory agency to understand the different aspects of that resumption.


During discussions with the delegation of Consult IT!, the head of the Networks and Services department of the ARTP Niger, Mr. Massaoudou, reassured that the regulatory agency is able to efficiently process all the project submissions of its partners.
A part of discussions was dedicated to the reasons why the agency refused some approval applications. In fact, since the resumption of type approvals activities in Niger, the agency is receiving some request for Type Approval that do not comply with the established procedures. Considering this situation, Mr. Massaoudou expressed the ARTP’s will to see partners strictly comply with the texts in force. Approval applications are rejected because of :
• Incomplete forms
• Unapproved laboratories
• Approval number
• Contradictory informations on the form

The head of the Networks and Services department also explained the approval procedures that are presently followed in Niger. Furthermore, it is important to notice that the legislation requires all pieces of equipment submitted to type approval in Niger to have two samples. Consult IT! has however the possibility to submit its clients’ projects with only one sample. The Company also has the possibility to submit equipments without any sample. After the necessary tests are performed, the ARTP returns the sample to the applicant. Concerning bigger equipment, the agency resorts to technical documents and photographs of all the parts of the device in order to have it approved. 2 months are necessary to process our projects to the ARTP. Since the resumption of Type Approval in Niger last July, Consult IT! has already obtained 24 certificates out of the 26 projects submitted.

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