The ARCT (Agence de Régulation et de Contrôle des Télécommunications) is tackling electronic waste.

Given the large flow of electrical and electronic equipment regularly entering the country, the telecommunications regulator hosted a regional workshop on WEEE waste management from March 18-22. The objective of this workshop is to examine the regional strategy for the management of WEEE waste by the Member States of the East African Communications Organization (EACO). Indeed, such meeting is the fourth of the kind that brought together 5 countries including Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

The meeting therefore enabled the participants to develop an action plan to counter the rapid rise in electrical and electronic waste that is having a negative impact on the telecommunications sector. It should be noted that between 2014 and 2016, more than 35 tons of electronic equipment waste was collected by a pace organization in Burundi.

It is clear that WEEE is harmful to the health of users, also to the environment because of its chemical composition.  In addition, in response to the growing amount of waste, the government, in collaboration with the regulator, regularly organizes actions such as workshops to raise awareness among parties involved in the collection of WEEE, the establishment of a steering committee for the management of WEEE, etc……

As a reminder, all these actions aim to make the telecommunications sector healthy. To help you have electronic equipment approved in Burundi, please, contact us at Sales@consultit-now.com

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