The training was held at the Frequency Management and Control Centre (CCGF).

The following theme: «Emerging Issues Pertaining to Consumer Rights and Obligations in the Electronic Telecommunications and Postal Sector» was the focus of the training initiated by the Postal and Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) that took place in Hèvié for consumers. The objective of this training is to train consumers regarding their rights and obligations for the efficient use of telecommunications equipment. Indeed, the points discussed during these two training days from March 14 to 15 relate to, among other things:
• The legal framework and new consumer protection procedures
• The economic framework for consumer protection
• The legal framework applicable to the postal sector etc…..
At the opening of the meeting, ARCEP Executive Secretary Herve Coovi GUEDEGBE emphasized that consumer protection is a very significant issue in the regulation of electronic communications and the postal sector, before pointing out that several projects have been carried out for consumers in Benin. It should be recalled that in Benin, the approval of telecommunications equipment is mandatory.
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