Application of Radio Equipment Directive (RED) in Burkina Faso


The regulatory agency of Burkina Faso (ARCEP) has authorized the application of the RED since the directive’s implementation. That decision opens the market to equipment manufacturers complying with the standards of the RED.

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is a measure taken by the European Union (EU), adopted in June 2016 and implemented in June 2017.
It aims at ensuring the quality of the pieces of equipment that are on the European market. In addition to their presence on the market, the pieces of equipment under the scope of the RED can also be type approved by the electronic communications and postal regulation authority (Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes, ARCEP) of Burkina Faso. According to the manager of the certificates and approvals department, Mr. Nakoulma, “the ARCEP has not taken any particular measures for the RED because the directive has no private standards. The agency then refers to the provisions taken by the EU.” All the pieces of equipment complying with the standards of RED can be approved by the ARCEP.
As a reminder, the RED concerns all the radio transmitters or receivers, with the exception of ready to use radio amateur devices that are not made available to the public, marine equipment, aeronautical products, evaluation kits for professionals in the installations of R&D. In addition to European directives, the agency authorizes equipment complying with the American standards
issued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It is important to point out that the ARCEP in Burkina Faso does not require any sample before the Type Approval of equipment. It rather takes test reports into account. Type approved equipment don’t have a label because the agency is not using it.
By authorizing the RED, the telecom regulator allows manufacturers to have access to the market of Burkina Faso with more pieces of equipment complying with the directive. Obviously, the pieces of equipment shall first be type approved by the ARCEP.

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