The Regulatory Board adopted decisions recently

During the holding of the board meeting, the ARPCE proceeded to update type approval registration process. The new provision repeals Decision N°43/pc/ARPCE/2018, November 28. Indeed, this approval process addressed several issues including: The certification standards and technical specifications that the equipment must meet, samples and duration of certificates.
1 /for technical specifications the agency will accept only equipment complying with international standards (ETSI, IEC, ISO ….)
• The original declaration of conformity by the manufacturer or the duly authorized agent or signed electronically
• Tests reports delivered by an accredited laboratory (lab recognized in electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio spectrum required for radio equipment and radio installations)
• Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) etc … NB: For Test reports more than three years, an equipment of manufacturing continuity declaration is requested
2 / For samples To request approval, the submission of sample is required
3 / The validity of the certificate The approval certificate is valid for three years. Equipment which has undergone changes in technical specifications and references must be submitted for new application. To approve your equipment in Algeria, contact us at

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