5G at the Heart of 2018 Mobile World Congress Edition

This year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 26 to March 1 under the following topic: Creating a Better Future. MWC is the world’s largest annual mobile industry event for business and partnership opportunities in the mobile sector.

This event will bring together a large number of exhibitors from various fields and backgrounds such as service quality, licensing, quality assurance, high speed internet and spectral interferences. Several topics will be discussed during this edition which will bring all of the members of Global System for Mobile Communication Associations (GSMA) together. A special emphasis will be laid on 5G technology on this edition.Many participants will take advantage to share their vision and plans for introducing 5G tailor-made network segments into a variety of industries, namely the automotive, retail, computer and entertainment sectors.


This will help understand the transformative business opportunities that could be offered by such technologies. This roundtable will bring together representatives of content and devices providers, equipment manufacturers and LTE broadcast operators. The event will help discuss issues pertaining to necessary collective actions to take for implementing this technology in 2018:
•  Solving technical issues within network and devices
•  Promoting innovative business models
•  How the technological industry can overcome potential regulatory obstacles.
It is to be noted that the GSMA includes 800 operators and mobile phone manufacturers in 220 countries worldwide. Among the members of the association are 200 manufacturers and other manufacturers of the sector who work on mobile network standards.

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